DropBox Selective Sync

With newer computers, or upgraded older computers getting a speed increase from SSD drives, you might not have enough space on that new drive to hold on the files stored on your DropBox cloud drive. To avoid running out of space, you may choose which folders to sync with your local computer. The following outlines

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Find Files Quicker

Although being able to do almost everything (except type words) can be done with a mouse clicks in Windows, becoming more productive with Windows has often been about learning keyboard shortcuts. Almost everyone by now probably knows a few. Ctrl X to cut, Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste as examples. Windows

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Is your website & email safe?

In the early days of the internet and websites, it was government institutions and large corporations that were hosting websites. The reason was that it required costly hardware and software that was difficult to setup, configure and secure. However as with most technology, over time it evolves and becomes more available to everyone. This is

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Your Email is Fixed

My Tech Co was recently called in to take a look at an email issue a local company was having. Although the company was receiving lots of spam, the major issue was that their emails were getting bounced back from their clients because they themselves were being identified as a source of spam. This company deals with clients

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Refilled Ink Cartridges

I belong to numerous technology and business networking groups which affords me the opportunity to meet and gain insights from experts in many different fields. Below are some great tips shared by Ken Fischer, an expert in the field of inkjet technologies. Ken is currently seeking opportunities as a Continuous Improvement Engineer or Lean Program Manager. His

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System & Data Backup

My Tech Co is happy to announce that we have solidified our backup strategies by partnering with two industry leading backup companies. Through these strategic partnerships we are now certified in our partners technologies and ready to fully meet your data and system backup requirements. For a backup strategy to be complete, it has to be comprehensive,

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