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If you are using an 8×8 phone system it is important to have a clear and accurate message on your main company line. Because this out going messages probably doesn’t change often, you may forget how to change it. Since the main company number is usually attached to a ring group, changing the outgoing message is a little bit different than changing the outgoing message for your personal line. The following steps can be used to manage the outgoing message of any ring group.


From any extension in your 8×8 system, dial 500.
Enter the Ring Group extension number and press #.
Enter the Ring Group voicemail password and press #.
Press the * key to enter the Main Menu.
From the Main Menu:
Press 1 to listen to your messages.
Press 2 to change your greeting.
Press 3 to manage user preference options: change voicemail password, call waiting preferences, busy handling, ring no answer handling, Internet outage routing, and email notification preferences.
Press 4 to establish or change call forwarding rules. Options include: listen to, set, change, or cancel call forwarding rules.
Press 5 to set a specific greeting for business hours, after business hours, lunch time, meeting, weekend, and vacation.
Press 6 to enable or disable Announcement Only mode (e.g., your vacation greeting).
Press 9 to exit voicemail.

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