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My Tech Co was recently called in to take a look at an email issue a local company was having. Although the company was receiving lots of spam, the major issue was that their emails were getting bounced back from their clients because they themselves were being identified as a source of spam. This company deals with clients all over the United States and handles some large government contracts as well, due to this issue, they could no longer get emails to contacts on jobs which they were bidding.

What we found was that the email hosting provider the company was using was often tagged as a source of spam. Since the companys email was moving through this provider, they were also tagged as a source of spam and emails to clients were being blocked. Hosting some of yoru applications in the cloud in general, and email hosting specifically, definitely has its advantages. However, you must ensure that the hosting company you choose is diligent in getting rid of their problem clients so they don’t get identified as a spam source and take your email down with them.

The first thing we did was institute a workaround so that the company could communicate with all their clients. This bought us time to gather email and business workflow requirements and assess what email solution would be best for the company. After the initial assessment and planning, we migrated the companys email to a new hosting provider. The new provider is a reputable one that specializes in email hosting and doesnt’ get identified as a spam source. We were also able to bring over users old emails so they wouldn’t loose their history. The migration allowed the company to start communicating with all of their clients again.

The new system also brought along additional benefits as well. One of the issues the company was having with the old system is that their email was not syncing across devices. If a person deleted an email on their computer, it wasn’t deleted from their cell phone. If a person deleted and email from their phone, they then additional had to delete it again in their email client. Users who access their email via the web have found that the new user interface provides much more functionality, screen space and is easier to use than the old system. The new system can be tailored to work for each user depending on how they choose to manage their email. Some users at the main office use one computer and access their email using Microsoft Outlook, they don’t have the email sent to their phones. Other users use multiple computers at different locations (using Microsoft Outlook, a Web Browser, or a Combination of both) and have email sent to their phone, they now all stay in sync, which was a problem with the old system. Others use just their phone do check their company email, while others only use a web browser. No matter how the user wants to work, the new system can handle it, sync it, and at a price point that is less than Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, or a Hosted Exchange solution.

Please feel free to contact us if you need a solid email platform or assistance in managing your current email system. We will take a look at your requirements, provide you with different email solution options and work with you to find solution that meets your needs at a price point you can live with.

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