The fact that email has become a critical piece in business communication is undeniable. Every day, millions of emails are sent from companies to customers and suppliers, from employees to their managers and from one coworker to another. The immediacy of email to communicate and run your business is vital. One recent example was one of our clients calling and was very upset that they couldn’t receive email from one of their partners. It turned out the partner had been put on a spammers list and was being blocked by a few of the major spam blocking organizations. The partner had to work diligently to get themselves off that list so they could communicate again, until they did, their business was crippled.

This exact situation also happened to a now client of My Tech Company. They were using a shared hosted email solution with numerous other companies. One of those companies were identified as a spammer and all communications from that server was tagged as being spam and blocked. That blockage stopped the client from communicating with a perspective client with which they were trying to win a million dollar project. My Tech Co was able to step in and quickly migrate them to a better email solution and get them communicating again.

We have experience with numerous email hosting providers such as Google, Microsoft, 1 and 1 and Godaddy. However we also offer our own email service which provides IMAP mail along with calendar and contact syncing across numerous devices. Also included is the ability to check your email form any internet connected computer using our web interface. If you are looking to move away from your own in house email system to a hosted solution, or a new in house system, please feel free to contact us and let us help you with the transition.

An example of a recent project consists of the migration of a client from a hosted email solution to a hosted My Tech Co solution. In addition to migrating the email, an email continuity and spam filtering effort was put in place. As can be seen by the chart below, the overall amount of email sent to the system has been reduced by almost 64% and the amount of spam and virus containing emails reaching end users has been dramatically reduced.



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