Old Skype Interface on Windows 8

The new Skype interface for Windows 8 seems to take up a lot of space but contains very little information compared to the old interface. If you’re not a fan of the new Windows 8 Metro style application interfaces and are trying to find ways to work around them every chance you get, here is one way to get the old Skype interface on Windows 8.

First, uninstall the current Skype application by right clicking on it and choosing uninstall from the pop up menu at the bottom of the screen. Then download the portable version of Skype and expand it. When you are done you should have a folder named SkypePortable in your downloads folder. Right click this folder and then copy it to a different location so you don’t accidentally delete it if you clean out your downloads folder. Once you have moved it, double click the folder and find the file named SkypePortable. Right click that file and choose “Pin to Start”.

You can now go to the Windows 8 Start screen and launch an older version of the Skype application which provides a much more compact view with more information.

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