Computer System Management (Monthly)


Managed Antivirus
Protection against known viruses and catch new, hard-to-detect malware threats.
– Active protection and behavioral scanning
– Daily quick scans
– Weekly deep scan
– Extensive signature-based scanning
– Heuristic checks

Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring of computer system
– Alerts and performance checks
– Security monitoring
– Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
– Network performance monitoring

Patch Management
Manages computer system patches and optimizes system performance.
– Automation of computer system patches
– Patch roll-back
– Provides heightened security for vulnerable programs
– Deep scans for missing patches and vulnerabilities

Web Protection
Keep users safe and productive while they use the web.
– Threat protection
– Site blacklists
– Time-based browsing policies
– Custom user-facing messaging
– Individual site blocking

Remote Access
Allows My Tech Co  to perform maintenance and fix issues without an onsite visit and after hours so you can continue to work during business hours.
– Provides faster support with lower costs
– Anytime access
– File system access
– Resolve system configuration issues
– Address performance issues remotely

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