There are many high priced routers in the market place right now. Often they have lots of antennas and look like space ships from another world. However, if you need a solid, simple reliable router that can handle the faster throughput’s we are getting from our internet providers these days, this one should meet your needs. In addition, it has been tested and deployed in environments that have over 24 ip cameras, 8 VOIP phones and 10 computers and works great. It allows you to easily configure it for numerous network services, such as IP telephone systems, allowing you to disable SIP-ALG, packet inspection and set QOS levels.

This camera system provides 4 IP cameras and a NVR (Network Video Recorder). IP cameras provide more flexibility and easier installation than traditional coax based cameras where you have to provide 2 cables (power and signal). These cameras only require one cable, both the power and the signal are transmitted over the one cable. Additionally, you don’t need a POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch as the NVR acts as the switch and provides power to the cameras as well.

If you have or develop a website using WordPress you will quickly find that you will need to add different plug ins to the WordPress installation to gain desired functionality. Finding good plug ins that provide great support is often difficult. Many of the plugins you see on My Tech Co developed sites are created by Web Dorado. The plugins are solid, kept up to date and and provide for a high level of customization. Form Maker is a must have for forms.

Many buildings that are older and built with solid materials such as brick or newer metal buildings often have cell phone reception issues. Verizon makes a device that will connect to your network and provide basically a mini cell phone tower within your office. The problem is that the device comes with a small GPS receiver that has to be able to get a valid satellite signal and location for 911 services. This antenna has much higher gain than the one that ships with the network extender and is also weather proof so you can position it outside where a signal can be acquired, allowing the system work.

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