Refilled Ink Cartridges

I belong to numerous technology and business networking groups which affords me the opportunity to meet and gain insights from experts in many different fields. Below are some great tips shared by Ken Fischer, an expert in the field of inkjet technologies. Ken is currently seeking opportunities as a Continuous Improvement Engineer or Lean Program Manager. His profile can be found at

As a former engineer and product manager for HP’s inkjet cartridges, here are a few printing tips:

  • refilled cartridges can damage your printer
  • if you clean the printhead, use a coffee filter instead of a paper towel.  They don’t leave particles like a paper towel would.
  • ink is mostly water, so use water to dilute the dried ink rather than a chemical that could damage the printhead
  • be careful to keep the ink off fabric because it will stain
  • use your printer’s draft setting to use less ink, especially for text printing.  You’ll use less ink and it will print faster.
  • to lower your cost per page, look into buying a printer model geared toward business.  These printers will cost more upfront, but the ink can cost less in the long run.  The cartridges will have more ink, so you’ll also replace the cartridges less frequently.
I hope this helps. I still buy branded ink cartridges.
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