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My Tech Co is happy to announce that we have solidified our backup strategies by partnering with two industry leading backup companies. Through these strategic partnerships we are now certified in our partners technologies and ready to fully meet your data and system backup requirements. For a backup strategy to be complete, it has to be comprehensive, tested, monitored, and include onsite, offsite and hybrid options. If a hard drive fails, or a virus infects your computer, you should be able to quickly restore it and continue business operations. If your business or home system can’t be restored quickly and your valuable data retrieved, we can help get you to that point and give you peace of mind.

We provide a comprehensive backup strategy which can be configured to recover a machine within minutes if you need that level of protection, or we can simply store your data safely offsite. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss your backup needs. We can provide full system restores, onsite backup, offsite backup, or a hybrid of onsite and offsite. We can protect your laptops, desktops and servers. Our setup, configuration and monitoring will ensure your systems are always being backed up and that backup is ready to be used if you need a restore. We are certified by these new partners and ready to protect your data and systems.

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