My Tech Company provides small businesses with a complete line of website services, but unlike others, My Tech Co lets you maintain control of your online presence, content, marketing campaigns and most importantly, your budget. We provide small businesses control of their online presence through our individual pricing model. Unlike web design or marketing companies that have a high initial creation cost and high ongoing monthly rates with little return, My Tech Co can do as much, or as little as you like and allow you to maintain control of your content, budget and online marketing campaigns.

Many web design and marketing companies want an initial high cost to develop your online presence. Like your business, your online presence needs to grow as your business grows and you need the capability to manage that growth. My Tech Co gives you that freedom to start with a small online presence and let it establish itself and grow with your business over time. There is no “magic” technique to get you rated high on search engines and explode your online presence. Just as your business started out with an idea and has grown from that, so does your online profile. With a good web design, great content and time your online presence will grow and drive new leads. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to start or thousands more in monthly to maintain an online presence and you don’t have to give up control to others. It’s your business, don’t give up control and thousands of dollars to someone you barely know and hasn’t built your trust.

Domain Name Management
(Domain Name Searches, Registration, Renewal)

Website Hosting
(Provide web site hosting, From basic HTML sites to WordPress sites and many other applications)

Website Development
(Let us develop your site and manage it, or we can develop it and train you how to manage content)

Search Engine Optimization
(Keyword searches, web page SEO optimization, site submissions to search engines)

Facebook Page Building
(We can develop a Facebook page for your business and help you get more out of it)

Facebook Marketing Campaigns
(We can develop a Facebook page for your business and help you get more out of it)

Social Media Management
(Let us help you develop and implement a social media strategy that helps target your specific demographic and get you more business)

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