What your email address says about you

Over the years their has been many different email providers; aol, yahoo, gmail, compuserve, hotmail; the list goes on and on. For individuals, having a yahoo or gmail address is ok, but if you are a business and are still using a yahoo or gmail address, people notice. If you want to present a professional, business presence you need ot have a personalized business address. This use to be an expensive proposition; you would need to register a domain name, purchase, setup and configure and email server and maintain it. Although this may still make sense for large┬ácompanies, for many small businesses it jsut doesn’t pay off and the investment is too high. However there are numerous alternatives these days to maintain a professional, personalized business email address using cloud based services such as Google Apps, or Microsoft Office 365 with its hosted Outlook option. Other solutions also exist, often you actually get some email addresses when you register a domain or purchase web hosting. If you are still have an email address that ends with @yahoo.com, or @gmail.com, and want to boost your professional appearance, we can help! We have worked with numerous different hosted email solutions, from those packaged with your domain and web hosting package, to Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. Contact us if you want to learn more about these solutions and which one best meets your needs.

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