We ensure your Information Technology is working for you, not against you!

Fix IT

IT systems are an integral part of your business. When systems fail, normal business operations may be impacted or completely shutdown. You need your equipment back up and running fast. Our goal is to get you back in business as quickly as possible. If for some reason a fix will take some time, we don’t give up and can often find alternatives to get you back to work in a quick and efficient manner.

Protect IT

IYour IT systems are valuable assets that should be protected. Monitoring can provide early warning signs of a pending failure, allowing action to be taken before disaster strikes. Managing antivirus and system updates is important to protect your systems from vulnerabilities implementing backup solutions and preparing for a failure allows for quick restoration in case of a disaster or equipment malfunction.

Improve IT

Let’s sit down and discuss your business. How do you interact with your vendors and clients? What is your normal work flow? Let’s identify where Information Technology may be hindering your business and fix it. Then let’s review your information Technology systems to identify opportunities to improve productivity. We can assist in the proper choice, procurement, installation and monitoring of new systems.

Email Systems

The fact that email has become a critical piece in business communication is undeniable. Every day, millions of emails are sent from companies to customers and suppliers, from employees to their managers and from one coworker to another. The immediacy of email to communicate and run your business is vital.

Camera Systems

Do you have a large site you need to keep an eye on? It’s impossible to be everywhere and would be nice to see what’s going on in one area of your business without leaving your desk. How many cars are in the parking lot? Keep an eye on things from your desk by placing cameras at various locations outside or inside.

Website Services

My Tech Company provides small businesses with a complete line of website services, but unlike others, My Tech Co lets you maintain control of your online presence, content, marketing campaigns and most importantly, your budget. We provide small businesses control of their online presence through our individual pricing model.

Need some help with your IT?

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